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Image & Structure Interpretation (ISI) Workspace

WellCAD™ Software

Mount Sopris offers the most versatile data acquisition system available – the MATRIX™ data logger.
Able to accommodate multiple telemetry systems, the MATRIX logger can be used with all Mount Sopris probes, past and present,
as well as many 3rd party tools. This versatility, combined with its compact size and dependable
performance, has madeMATRIX the most popular logger in the industry.

WellCAD™ 5.2 is now Released!

The basic WellCAD™ Version 5.2 package includes WellCAD Reader and Crossplot modules, and incorporates all features
and tools necessary to import, edit, process and display your Well data. The software is delivered with a set Templates,
Header, Dictionaries customized for specific application. You can easily modify existing ones or create you
own. Single-user licenses, as well as network licenses available. For more information on licensing types, please see the
Licensing Options document.

Find out What’s New in WellCAD™ 5.2!

Software Summary

Since its first release in 1993, WellCAD™ has become a valuable tool for thousands of geoscientists dealing with borehole data. WellCAD™ handles the entire data loading, log editing, analysis and presentation workflow for drilling, wellsite, core and logging data – independent of the industry sector. The modular architecture of WellCAD™ allows users to easily activate advanced modules to build a package tailored to their requirements and make it an attractive solution for small scale companies as well as large multinational corporations. (USB dongle for 32/64 bit version of WellCAD™, installation CD, documentation)

Product Overview
Rich Graphical Display

Comprehensive Interpretation Tools

Intuitive Data Management


Global Support Team

Data presentation

Data Management

Multiple Depth Management

WellCAD™ provides a multiple depth management system (date/time, depth, TVD,…). The depth matching tool allows you to fine tune your data (e.g calibrate core description data to the wireline logs). All correlations will be saved in a new depth log helping you to assess the match.

Cross Plot Workspace

Interval Statistics

Data Interpretation

Spectral Gamma Processing

Common processes

Annotations and Operational Symbols

Annotations (arrows, text or bitmap callouts,…) and a large number of specific operational symbols (oil & gas shows, sidewall cores, RFT/MDT/pressure test, casing data, …) can be added to the graphical report by drag & drop or using the annotation editor. All annotations and operational symbols have real data assigned to it and can be imported or exported.

Additional processing and analysis modules include:

Mount Sopris fully supports WellCAD users free of any charges. Call us!
To download Versions 5.1, 5.0, 4.4, 4.3, 4.2, or 4.1 please visit the ALT Download page and to purchase upgrades to the latest version, please visit our Online Store.